Sylvester Stallone Puts His Cadillac Escalade 2019 for sale for $350 K

He’s spent more than $400,000 on this car he was personally involved in designing!

Sylvester Stallone is regarded as a vintage car enthusiast and possesses a wide variety of them. One of his latest collections was a 2019 Cadillac Escalade in which he was personally interested in tailoring.

He spent over $409,000 to customize the car, revealing luxurious interiors. The main feature will be the 43-inch installed Ultra HD LCD smart TV with a custom-tuned 7.1 surround sound system. Even the three rear-facing people can still watch the TV on another 12-inch screen.
Passengers are also assured with outstanding and secure connectivity since there is a wired military-grade wireless internet router. Not only is every chair comfortable in style, but it also has built-in massager with individual thermoelectric controls.

Folding custom Japanese ash (Tamo) wood veneer table allows you to elegantly dine with your friends while enjoying the movie.
Such rear-facing seats can, it goes without saying, be folded for extra leg space or luggage. The car has also clocked in just 1000 miles making the $50,000 discount a great deal on the luxurious, personalized Escalade.

Stallone stated his reason for selling his Cadillac, “I ordered my Becker ESV for a specific purpose but my requirement for it has changed recently and I no longer need this beautiful car.”
“I personally enjoyed working with Howard Becker to design the luxurious interior. The quality of onboard electronics and rides is second to none. I hope this sensationally appointed Becker Cadillac ESV gives the new owner years of fulfilling use, “he added.
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