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The Rich & Famous Celebs From The Previous Century Who Aged Gracefully

Many of our favorite Hollywood celebrities from the past century were just incredibly blessed with great genes. They left us in awe as we watched them grace our television and big screens flaunting their remarkable acting and appearance.
Aren’t you wondering what are they up to now and if they still look as good as they did before? We’ve summed up some of our favorite celebs whose beauty remained ageless and timeless throughout the years. Could it be their salaries that kept them young or perhaps a different beauty technique? Read on to find out!
Reese Witherspoon, 44 – ~ $200 Million
Believe it or not, Reese Witherspoon started her acting career in a film called The Man in The Moon in 1991 where she was cast as a 14-year-old girl who fell in love with a 17-year-old boy. Her fame began when she appeared in the film Legally Blonde and Walk The Line, and received an Oscar for the latter.
In 2020, Witherspoon’s earnings have reportedly reached over $200 million. Since 2011, she has been married to Jim Toth and the couple has one son together, Tenessee James Toth, while Reese has two more kids. Reese will produce and star in an upcoming sci-fi drama Pyros, coming to Netflix.


Jami Gertz, 56 – ~ $3 Billion

We know you’re wondering if we made an error in stating actress Jami Gertz’s net worth, but she really is worth $3 billion! She may not be acting in any of the recent movies and shows we’ve seen, but she is a team owner of the Atlanta Hawks and a philanthropist now.
Jami started off her acting career as a child performer but became famous in the 80s due to movies such as Less Than Zero, and The Lost Boys. Jami had a more successful TV career thanks to Still Standing, Square Pegs and Alley McBeal. Doesn’t seem that Jami has aged much since her early acting days!
Maddie Ziegler, 17 – ~ $5 Million
Madison Ziegler or just Maddie, as she is known, is a dancer, model and actress who has an impressive body of work at just age 17! As a part of a dance company since a very young age, Maddie was seen on TV’s Live to Dance and Dance Moms, besides having acted in The Book of Henry and To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You.
But we all know her better as the little contemporary ballerina from singer Sia’s videos, Chandelier, Elastic Heart and Thunderclouds. Besides this claim to fame, Maddie also has a huge social media following and is an influencer among her 13 million followers!
Matthew Labyorteaux, 53 – ~ $400K
It has been more than 4 decades since the popular show The Little House on the Prairie went off air and we still wonder what happened to all the stars who were a part of the cast. One of the show’s favorites was Albert Ingalls, who was played by actor Matthew Labyorteaux.
Wouldn’t you know it, Matthew has actually led quite an adventurous life. He was adopted when he was just 10 months old and was not well as he had a hole in his heart, which eventually healed. He later acted in Wes Craven’s Deadly Friendly, and eventually became a voice actor with 60 movies and shows to his name.
Heather Thomas, 62 – ~ $2 Million
Starring in the show The Fall Guy gave actress Heather Thomas her biggest break and it would also become her greatest role yet. But as she was shooting for the show, she developed a pretty bad drug addiction issue and had to be admitted to rehab to ditch the habit.
The Zapped! actress was then involved a bad automobile crash and hurt her legs badly in the accident, which would eventually lead her to retire very early in 1998. Later, she starred in 2014’s Girltrash: All Night Long and hasn’t been back since then. These days, she a writer and activist.
Rob Lowe – 56, ~ $60 Million
Another member of the famous “Brat Pack” of the 1980s! Rob Lowe is one of those fortunate people who give a tough battle to age. This 56-year-old still manages to look as sparky as he did back in 1983.
He became a heartthrob with the release of films like The Outsiders and Oxford Blues. In a 2018 interview, Rob spilled the beans about how he maintains his youthful appearance when he told that he sticks to discipline and focus when it comes to health and that’s what works best for him. You can thank us later!
Jerry O’Connell – 46, ~ $20 Million
Jerry’s career began at the age of 10 when he was discovered by an agent and landed a TV commercial for Duncan Hines. Other than being known for his roles in Stand by Me (1986) and Jerry Maguire (1996), he is also famous for his perfect family life.
In an interview with The Daily Dash, this actor with a laid-back personality shared his secret to a successful marriage when he told that he watches Housewives with his spouse. He also once quoted that his wife is the one who maintains the spark in the relationship as she is the most entertaining person in his life. Now that’s interesting!
Jeff Bridges – 70, ~ $100 Million
Jeff Bridges is an actor who comes from a leading acting family and is the brother of Beau Bridges. This film star who is famous for his captivating looks and an easy-going personality is most remembered for his performance in Crazy Heart (2009), The Big Lebowski, Starman, True Grit, and many more.
Given that he came from an entertainment background, he became familiar with acting at a very young age. But apparently, he showed promise straight away. Jeff is the son of the late Lloyd Vernet Bridges Jr., who many know from Airplane!, and Jeff’s mom is the late Dorothy Bridges, also a well-known actress.
Josh Brolin – 52, ~ $35 Million
Although Josh came from a family of actors, he was initially not much attracted to the entertainment industry. Eventually, Josh Brolin made a debut on big screens in 1985 and soon after that he entered the television industry.
Until the release of No Country for Old Men (2007), Josh was able to achieve mediocre success and it was only after this film that he actually came into limelight. However, his most acclaimed role was in Milk for which he was nominated multiple times. This goes without counting his role as a kid in The Goonies.
Sean Astin – 49, ~ $10 Million
Sean Astin is one such Hollywood celebrity whose talent is not limited to just acting. In fact, he can act, write, produce and direct as well! Astin made his acting debut through television in 1981 and entered the film world with the superhit The Goonies (1985) where he portrayed “Mikey”.
Marie Osmond, 60 – ~ $20 Million
Marie Osmond is best remembered as a solo country singer who sang the cover for the famous Paper Roses in 1973. Post her first success, she came up with many other studio albums like Who’s Sorry Now? and This Is the Way That I Feel which topped several music charts.
Apart from establishing herself in the music world, Marie has also had a lucrative career as a businesswoman and doll designer. And if you are wondering what keeps her this graceful till now, let us spill the beans – it’s her passion to maintain great skin that makes her the prettiest grandma ever.
Matthew Broderick – 58, ~ $150 Million
Matthew Broderick still has that boyish charm with which he entered the world of cinema back in 1983 when he appeared in Max Dugan Returns. In spite of the fact that he was born to actor parents, acting was not his original career plan.
He landed up in the film industry after his sports pursuits were sidelined due to an injury. Apart from being known as the voice of The Lion King’s grown-up Simba, he is also famous for his successful love-life with the actress Sarah Jessica Parker. Maybe that’s the reason he has still maintained his charm!
 John Cusack – 53, ~ $50 Million
John Cusack is one of the teen icons of the 1980s who is best remembered for his wacky humor in movies like Better Off Dead (1985) and Say Anything (1989). Other than acting, this Serendipity star is also known for his political writing.
When it comes to personal life, this actor does not believe in conforming to the rules of society and apparently, this is why he has not married yet. Although he is not cast in many films at present, he has not gone completely out of the limelight – thanks to his writing talent!
Mickey Rourke – 67, ~ $15 Million
Mickey Rourke’s acting career took several turns during the years. At the height of his fame and in his prime, Mickey developed a passion for boxing and left the acting world for a time.
He was already famous for Diner (1982) and 9½ Weeks (1986), to name a few. However, he came back to the spotlight with a masterful role in The Wrestler and Sin City.  Mickey proved that his talent will always remain top-class and he continued to do so in Iron Man 2, Immortals, The Expendables, and more.
Tom Cruise – 57, ~ $570 Million
Tom Cruise just refuses to age! This heartthrob of millions has been killing his fans with an irresistible smile and drop-dead gorgeous looks since the age of 19 when he first appeared on big screens.
Other than his dapper personality, Tom is most remembered for his action blockbuster Mission: Impossible (1996) and rom-com Jerry Maguire. Unlike his career, Tom’s love life has not been a stable one as he apparently got married and divorced three times. Is he planning a retirement? Not till 2050 at least! He is all booked and gearing up for his next movie in the Top Gun series.
Connie Sellecca, 65 – ~ $500K
If we looked half as good as actress and former model Connie Sellecca in our 60s, then boy do we look forward to turning the big Six-0! Connie, who we know from shows such as The Greatest American Hero, Hotel and Flying High, still has the looks to kill, thanks to her flawless skin and piercing eyes!
Connie was most active on the small screen during the 80s and 90s, and saw a dip in work when the 2000s rolled in. Knowing how poorly Hollywood and show business treats senior actresses, we are not surprised at all! Her last on screen job was in the short lived TV show Intelligence for Your Life which aired between 2013-15.
Nadia Comăneci, 56 – ~ $10 Million
Nadia Comăneci wowed the world after showing off her mad gymnastic skills back in the ‘70s and ‘80s which led her to win multiple Olympic games. Nadia was the first gymnast to be awarded a perfect score of 10.0 at the Olympic games earning her several gold medals.
She even made the headlines after she defected from her native Romania to the United States and now holds dual citizenship for both countries. With her free time, Nadia keeps herself busy working for The Nadia Comaneci Foundation, a charity that focuses on Romanian kids.
Cassandra Peterson, 68 – ~ $3 Million
Cassandra Peterson found herself an interesting character which would make her famous. She is well known for portraying the Mistress of the Dark (a.k.a. Elvira), who is a horror hostess. Cassandra became famous for being seen on KHJ-TV, a TV station in Los Angeles, hosting the thriller film presentation, Elvira’s Movie Macabre, each week.
Elvira’s trademarks were black hair and black goth style of clothing. She looks totally like an emotionally cold vampire but it’s belied by a humorous persona, and an unorthodox wit, plus her Valley-girl accent. Cassandra hosted Storage Wars’ Halloween Special in 2018 as Elvira.
Salma Hayek, 53 – ~ $115 Million
Salma Hayek is widely known for starring in American films, as well as being a producer and past model. She’s originally a Mexican actress and started her career as a star on Teresa, a telenovela.
Hayek went to live in Hollywood in ’91, catching everyone’s attention in hit films like Desperado, Wild Wild West, and Dogma, during the ’90s. The role that made her really famous though, was Frida Kahlo, Mexican painter, in the movie Frida in 2002. She received several industry award nominations, and the production became a high-rated hit. One of the latest productions we saw Salma in was The Hitman’s Bodyguard in 2017.
Michael J. Fox – 57, ~ $65 Million
This comedy specialist has one big bag of awards! With his outstanding timing in Family Ties (1982-1989) and Spin City (1996–2000), Michael is most cherished for his exceptional comic performances that made the audiences laugh to tears. Sadly, he was struck with Parkinson’s disease at the peak of his career which gradually led him to semi-retirement. But the actor emerged as a warrior and now has been contributing to the research for its cure through his foundation. Other than inspiring those who are struggling with the same condition, he is also setting love goals as he recently celebrated 30 years of his marriage.
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