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What If Disney Characters Were Real: Artist Uses Artificial Intelligence To Answer This Question (12 Pics)

Most of us love cartoons. They were a huge part of childhood, teaching us valuable lessons, taking us on adventures we could only dream of. Most of us also had a favorite cartoon character that we looked up to, wanted to be like. But have you ever wished that cartoon characters were a little bit more realistic? It can be hard to relate to someone with overdramatized features—huge eyes, a tiny waist, etc. Well, this artist, known on social media as Toyboyfan, decided to show us what well-known Disney characters would look like if they were realistic.

He created a project called “In real life” where he uses artificial intelligence and his artistic skills to create hyper-realistic portraits of well-known Disney characters.

“For these A.I. edits, typically I start off with a photo of a Disney character and a photo of a real life person who I think looks like said character, then I put the two into the A.I. program that I use to merge the two together. Afterward, the result can look a little funny, so I take the resulting photo and combine it with another photo and so on until I get a somewhat realistic photo that kinda looks like the character. Then I will take the photo to Photoshop and start making tweaks here and there to make it look even more like the character, like changing the eye color or refining the face,” the artist told Bright World.

#1 Tiana

Toyboyfan is a college student majoring in graphic design. He likes to play video games in his spare time, especially creative ones like Minecraft. He hopes that one day, he will be able to create amazing stories and worlds with his art: “Thankfully, I have a really supportive family who have helped me get to where I am today.”

#2 Moana

“As for how the idea came up, I initially wanted to create a real-life portrait of Kristoff from Disney Frozen, just to practice my editing skills. I posted it to my Tumblr and suddenly everyone asked for me to do the other Frozen characters. Once I did the others and posted that, I started seeing the photos being reposted all over the internet, many people being amazed by them. I then noticed that they were wondering if there would be other Disney Princesses, so I decided to start creating them as well.”

#3 Kristoff Bjorgman

We asked the artist what inspired him to create art—how he began his journey. He mentioned that he has been creating art for as long as he can remember: “Ever since I was a kid, the behind-the-scenes features of movies, especially of animated movies, fascinated me. It has always amazed me how a whole world could be created by starting with a blank canvas.”

#4 Elsa

“My favorite part about creating art is getting to see the final result after all the time and hard work I put into it. My least favorite part is how long it can take to create a work sometimes,” shared the artist.

#5 Anna

It takes the artist about an hour to create one edit, depending on the character. He shares why he chose to do Disney: “Because I have seen so many different versions of Disney characters in real life, I always wanted to try to do my own version of that concept.”

#6 Ariel

#7 Belle

What do you think about these edits? Maybe you would like to see Toyboyfan do a specific character? Tell us in the comments and vote for your favorite one! Don’t forget to show some love to the artist, as he creates many amazing art pieces on his social media.

#8 Queen Iduna

#9 Prince Hans

#10 Honeymaren

#11 King Agnar

#12 Ryder

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